Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Use this Part of the Blog to exchange contact information with St. Bernard residents in other states.
A helpful way to grt in touch with friends and family who are also posting!


*Supposedly you can call this Number to check rescues:
This number was listed to call to see if persons are listed as rescued. 1-225-925-6626
Info from: yahoo group site the parish

*From times picayune forums:
Rescued to Shrimp Boats:
Frank "Blackie" Campo,
Kenny Campo Sr.,
Kenny Campo Jr.,
Emanuel "Tick"Alphonso,
Ruth "Boobie" Alphonso,
Wallace Perezat

Chalmette High School:
Silvia Moralesat

St. Bernard High School:
Michael Wattigney,
Sidney AssavedoSr.,
Alice Perez,
Elwood Perez Sr.


Please list links to articles that give any information on St. Bernard.
  1. http://www.nola.com/hurricane/t-p/katrina.ssf?/hurricane/katrina/stories/083005catastrophic.html


If you have any links to the pictures of devistation and flodding in St. Bernard please submit them.
  1. http://applesonthevine.com/omg.jpg - view of area around civic center

FEMA and Help

It's going to be tough, but we all must start over. Don't waste any time getting help.:

  • Go to www.Fema.com to register as soon as possible.or call 1-800-621-FEMA .


  • Start trying to file you claim with you flood and home owners insurance.
  • Feel free to add ways to help*

Missing People

Many of us are missing members of our family who stayed in St. Bernard Parish.
  1. This will be a list of all people who are known to be missing in St. Bernard Parish, submitted by you, St. Bernard Residents.
  2. Please list the person(s) place of location before the storm if known. (address)
  3. Keep me updated on the status of the person, it will state if the person(s) was found, rescued, or missing etc.
  4. I will form a comphersive list of people ordered by alphabetical order as you submit them.
  5. Also make sure you call Red Cross to report missing people, state wether you have done so or nor when you submit by adding: reported to RC.
  6. it would help if tou b/c a registered user of the blog. up to You.
  7. If i make a mistake correct me.
  8. please use the following format to make the posting go faster:

last name, first name street adress, part of st. bernard.

just look at the ones already done. Thanks!


Annis, Roxanne
9017 Virtue, Chalmette

Arch, Gary & Joseph
2045 Valmar Dr, Meraux

Asevado, Frank
Nehlig, Kenilworth

Babin, Barry, Wendy, Codey,& Kelsy
Margret ln., Meraux

Bartinni, Verilyn

Beadle, Jeanette
137 Angela St., Arabi

Becker, Andrew
3204 Volpe dr., Chalmette

Boteler, Bobby
Heights Dr., Violet

Bourgeois, Nancy, VJ & Michael
2401 Nancy Dr, Meraux

Braud, Sharon
2501 Nancy Dr, Meraux

Burkhardt, Audrey
413 East Celestine, Chalmette

Candebat, Brad
415 East Saint Avide St., Chalmette

Charlotte, Warren
Hannan manor, Meraux

Chaupetta, Rocky
Heights Dr., Violet

Childress, Richie
3305 Delille St, Chalmette

Clark, Robert
Lebeau St., Arabi

Couture, Steven
Kenilworth, Gnell Dr, St Bernard

Crosby, Sam Jr.
3709 Tournefort St.,Chalmette

Cure, Joseph
1112 Friscoville Ave., Arabi

Desselle, Gary
2200 Delille St.,Chalmette

Delise, Micheal & CJ

DiBetta, Gawain
3921 Plaza Dr., Chalmette

Dow, Michael
Campagna Dr. & Judge Perez Dr. Chalmette

Ducote, Vincent sr. & jr.
Cullotta st., Chalmette

Dufrene, Domick Sr.
2233Lyndell , Chalmette

Dufrene, Lydia
2233Lyndell , Chalmette

Dufrene, Louie
2233 Lyndell , Chalmette

Dufrene, Sharon
2233 Lyndell Dr., Chalmette

Estave, Denis
2117 S. River Park, Violet

Fals, Brad
Aycock st. Arabi

Faust, Kurt
102 Reiss Place, Chalmette

Faust, Kurt jr.
3508 Blanchard Dr., Chalmette

Fincher, Steven
115 east st. Bernard hwy., Chalmette

Flattman, Daniel Sr. & Daniel, Jr.
Campagna Dr. & Judge Perez Dr. Chalmette

Flattman, William, Sr.
Campagna Dr. & Judge Perez Dr. Chalmette

Fruge, Thomas "Tom" Jr.
Lyndell Dr., Chalmette

Galaforo, Mike

Gervais, Helen
Campagna St., Chalmette

Gillis, John
2604 Karen Dr., Chalmette, LA

Gioe, Frank & Lou
2101 Newton Blvd, St Bernard

Gonzales, Joan & Thomas
3 Provincial Ct., Violet

Grahm, Marc
Nicosia's Supermarket, Violet

Green, Keith
Packenham Dr., Chalmette

Guidroz, Erika
Hannan manor, Meraux

Guidroz, Kathy Sabins

Guidroz, Mable
Hannan manor, Meraux

Guidroz, Susan
Fable Dr., Meraux

Guidroz, Warren
St Bernard Manor

Guenther, John, Darlene & Nicole
2013 Farmsite rd., Violet

Hartdegen, Brian
8513 Creole Dr., Chalmette

Hearty, Patrick
Aycock, Arabi

Heyd, Gail
Lexington, Meraux

Hingle, Sindra
Packenham Dr., Chalmette

Huffman, Faye & Brooks
2507 Mureen ln., Meraux

Hunnicutt, Michael & Joyce
2300 Pecan Dr., Chalmette.

Imbraguglio Family:

Imbraguglio, Petrinia Ruiz
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Imbraguglio George, Sr.
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Imbraguglio, Melanie
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Johnson, David
Kenilworth, Gnell Dr, St Bernard

Johnson, Doug Sr. & Doug Jr.
Campagna Drive, Chalmette

Johnson, Matthew
Gov. complex

Kipker, Albert
2233Lyndell, Chalmette

Knight, Eddie & Mike
1925 Benjamin st., Arabi

Kuhn, Evette
3101 Rosetta Dr., Chalmette

Ledet, Daniel
2920 Nunez Street

Ledet, Leon
Alexandria Dr., Arabi or STBH

Lemoine, Benton & Ezora
Maureen Lane, Meraux

Licciardi, Anthony & Charlie

Lorino, Wayne

Mackles, Al
2324 Riverbend Dr, Violet

Mackles, Clement
Bayou Rd, St. Bernard

Mackles, Mack, Faye, Lil Mack, & Michel
2008 Bobolink Dr, Poydras

McDonald, Owen
Judge Perez dr.

McDonald, Winona & Ashley
3925 Plaza Dr., Chalmette

Melerine, Betty
2213 Etienne Drive, Meraux

Mendoza, Lisa & Allen
3716 Gallo dr., Chalmette

Meyers, Adam & Linda
2416 Montesquieu st., Chalmette

Meyers, Larry

Miller, Jennifer

Moldenhauer, Ann
3216 Corinne Dr., Chalmette
Moldenhauer, Darvin
3216 Corinne Dr., Chalmette

Moldenhauer, Jason
3917 Despaux Dr., Chalmette

Mosterio, Rossalyn
Friscoville, Arabi

Nicosia, Manuel, Eva, Jeff & Tony
Nicosia’s Supermarket

Nikolaus, Perry & Barry
2304 Cypress Dr., Meraux

Ourso, Rodney J.

Palmer, Thomas
416 E. D'Amour St., Chalmette

Parr, Norman & Carol
Fable St., Meraux

Patriquin, Robert
LaFontaine, Chalmette

Peltier, Robert & Lori

Penachella, Donnie

Penny, Samuel William Jr. (Billy)
3101 Rosetta Dr., Chalmette

Perez, Gary
Alexandria Dr., Arabi or STBH

Ramsey, Edward
524 Mehle St., Arabi

Reed, Jesse & MaryAnn
Oakridge Sub.,Violet

Reed, Jesse & Christopher
Oakridge, Violet

Riely, Cheryl

Robin, Don
Poydras, Twin A-frames St.B Hwy.

Robin, III Martin
Kenilworth, Gnell Dr, St Bernard

Rogers, Bobby
Campagna Dr. & Judge Perez Dr. Chalmette

Rollo, Adele & Greg
308 Perrin Dr.

Ruiz Family:

Ruiz, Camille Randazzo
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Ruiz, Gerald Sr., Jr., III
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Ruiz, Mary Ann Deogracias
Randazzo Building, 601 W. Judge Perez Dr.

Ruiz, Lawrence & Sue
8532 Prince Dr., Chalmette

Sand, Chris
2501 Nancy Dr, Meraux

Schoenberger, Paul
Campagna St., Chalmette

Shanley, David
115 east st. Bernard hwy., Chalmette

Shuff, Michael
3206 Story Park blvd., Meraux

Silcio, Joann & Daun
Shangra-La, Chalmette

SIetzen, John
115 east st. Bernard hwy., Chalmette

Smith, Donnie
Mumphery Rd., Chalmette

Smith, Elvis
115 east st. Bernard hwy., Chalmette

Stevenson, Kathy
3004 Blanchard, Chalmette

Stromeyer, Hannah
3004 Blanchard, Chalmette

Teoulet, Joseph and P.J Bobwhite St., Poydras

Thomes, Ronnie & Faye
3017 Volpe Street

Thurman, Chuck
Nehlig, Kenneworth
Trentacosta, Marianne
2509 Marietta, Chalmette

Varona, Frank
Center St, Arabi

Vernon, Zoe & Heidi Melerine,
415 East St. Avide St., Chalmette

Whitfield, Wayne & Christopher
Alexander St., Arabi

Wilheit, Jennifer

Wilheit, Julie, Randy, & Nick

Winkler, Stacey
Kingfisher, Kenilworth

Wuertz, Lorraine Mackles
St. Bernard Hwy, Meraux

Yetter, William (b.j.)
1904 Kelly rd, Poydras

Young, Bridget, Linda, Ray,& Robert
2912 Earl Drive, Meraux

Not in St. Bernard

Billiot, Dale
Pearlington, MS

Billiot, Jimmy Pearlington, MS

Budenich, Fay Lynn Delaune
Bush, La.

Dolese, Lynn and Joanne
1204 Rose Meadow CT, Slidell

Holmes, Raymond "Tony"
Slidell, LA (Oak Harbor Apts.)

Martin, Pamela Melerine
26030 Bowfin Drive Perkinston, MS

Toups, Ronald, Barbara, & Alvin
1204 Rose Meadow CT, Slidell

Aunt Teanie Ernst
Aunt Raine David Dr., Metairie

Junior's Letter

This message was posted on Nola.com fourms last night by Ray Garofalo:

6412.2. From Junior by
CdrRiker, 8/29/05 23:12 ET

I relayed this message to the President and the CC list about 2 hours ago:

Henry “Junior” RodriguezPresidentSt. Bernard Parish, Louisiana(504) 278-4200

Dear President Bush:

My name is Henry “Junior” Rodriguez and I am President of St. Bernard Parish Louisiana.

My parish is completely flooded from the recent passage of hurricane Katrina. The eye of the hurricane passed directly over my parish and has caused mass destruction and complete flooding.

Of our community of 67,000 citizens, many are surrounded by water and have no place to go. We have NO food, NO water, NO sanitation, NO power, and NO communication.
We have no way to rescue or recover our citizens.

Absolutely no attempt has been made to communicate with me regarding the catastrophe that has occurred to the citizens that I represent.

I cannot believe that in a country as sophisticated as the United States of America that the leadership in the White House cannot somehow communicate NOW with me and the local government that I represent.

This disaster is a direct outgrowth of the neglect of the Federal Government to address the costal erosion problem of southern Louisiana.

I implore you to please contact me directly or have the appropriate federal agency respond IMMEDIATELY to this disaster. I am in danger of having many citizens die if they are not rescued now.

On behalf of the citizens of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, I am begging for your help.

Henry “Junior” RodriguezPresident, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

cc: CNN WWL WDSU WVUE WGNO Times Picayune